Interview: Jonathan Bender and I Talk Business, Growing up and the Malice at the Palace

About two weeks ago, I was presented with the opportunity to interview former Indiana Pacers and New York Knicks player, Jonathan Bender.

Naturally, I was interested because he’s a former NBA player and learning about the game, especially from those with first-hand experiences, has always peaked my interested. The problem with Bender, however, is that his career went unfulfilled due to a number of nagging knee injuries that sent his promising career into a downward spiral.

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NBA Finals: Rick Barry and I Talk Sneakers, Finals Predictions, and HORSE with his Sons

Wednesday afternoon I was given the opportunity to speak with former NBA and ABA legend Rick Barry, thanks to his involvement with the Ektio Sneaker, a shoe that’s primarily and specifically designed for ankle support and preventing injuries.

Rick is an investor in Ektio, which you can buy here, and is attempting to get the sneaker into the mainstream and onto basketball courts everywhere.

We spoke of this revolutionary new sneaker, and the domineering sneaker companies that won’t allow it in the NBA, before speaking also on Rick’s NBA Finals predictions, players who are embarrassed to shoot 90 percent from the foul line, and him playing HORSE with his sons.

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