Miami Heat: Thoughts on the Buyout Market

We Heat fans get bored too easily. In the midst of LeBron James having his nose broken and the Heat having won the past five and eight of their past nine, we’re falling into the trap, once again, of being obsessed with who the Heat will sign to fill out the final roster spot.

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LeBron James Gets Nose Broken By Serge Ibaka, Still Dunks on Him


In the same sequence, LeBron James revealed a human side along with the already-known fact that he is a cyborg created in a laboratory by government-sanctioned scientists tasked with creating the perfect basketball player.

It wasn’t until LeBron bled that we realized he was an actual human being. Actually, it was when we saw the blood that stained the Chesapeake Energy Arena was red, rather than the expected luminescent, glowing green, that we realized he was human.

The inhuman, man-beast part, however, occurred prior to LeBron selling an injury that was not even declared a foul, despite getting fouled by Ibaka at least twice on the drive.

No, it was LeBron capable of absorbing a rake across from the face from the 6-10, 245-pound shot-blocker, taking two more steps, and then dunking over the same defender who just broke his nose a few seconds before.

That was the part where we seriously considered if LeBron is either from another planet and goes around eating galaxies for nourishment or was constructed out of titanium and is capable of throwing tanks like the Hulk.

Oh, and he also went for 33 points, making it the fourth consecutive game with at least 33 points, on 22 shots in only 33 minutes. The broken nose forced him to leave the game with 5:50 left, preventing the opportunity of back-to-back 40-point games.

LeBron James Does LeBron James Things, Heat Beat Warriors at Last Second


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Video: LeBron James Drops 37 Points, Dunks on the Phoenix Suns in 103-97 Victory

No recap for today. Instead, take time out to view the insane game LeBron James had against the Phoenix Suns Tuesday night.

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LeBron James Isn’t the Lifeless Commodity Some Make Him Out to Be

I wonder if LeBron James became more motivated to play with the Los Angeles Clippers after overcoming their 42 free throws and 21 offensive rebounds in the Miami Heat’s 116-112 road win Wednesday night.

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Miami Heat: Five Free Agents to Look into During the 2014 Offseason

This piece regarding 2014 free agents is a little ambitious to say the least.

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LeBron James Delivers in the Garden Again, Heat Beat Knicks

The Miami Heat’s contest with the New York Knicks Saturday night represented a glorified practice session after their blowout loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder a few nights prior.

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