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My name is John Friel, lifelong fan of the Miami Heat, journalist and all around sports enthusiast. The purpose of this site is an outlet for my personal opinion on news, events and occurrences regarding the Miami Heat and the world of professional sports.

Sports have always played a large role in my life. There is no source in the world that can unify peoples from all aspects of society and culture than organized sports. It’s one of the few parts of life that can take us away from the trivial matters of everyday life.

And since everyday life can be annoying, I decided to make a career out of sports

I grew up on the Heat, Miami Dolphins, Miami Hurricanes, Florida Marlins and Florida Panthers. My young life was centered around the idea of sports so much that I actually woke up early every morning, got the newspaper and wrote every score in a notebook.

Eventually, those seemingly wasted mornings and trivial facts and stats stored in the back of my head are worth using now.

I work freelance and have been featured in a number of mainstream sites such as, the Houston Chronicle’s website, and I currently am an intern at Dime Magazine, and you can read through my archives here.

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