Video: Watch Every Miami Heat Dunk from Last Year

The Miami Heat are in a state of transition at the moment, leaving the team searching for an identity in the midst of continuity issues involving various injuries to key role players.

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Heat Break out of Defensive Slump, Blowout Injury-Riddled Spurs

The narrative going in was ‘Finals rematch’. The result was anything but.

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Miami Heat Put on a Clinic, Defeat Lakers Behind Chris Bosh’s 31

Not even the droning of TNT’s finest could upset a member of Heat nation with the way Miami was attempting to return to their defensive roots.

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Michelle Obama Dunks on the Heat. No, Really.


It looks like the Miami Heat did more than hang out with the leader of the free world on their recent visit to the White House.

They also participated in a Michelle Obama’s ‘Let’s move’ campaign, designed to get kids out of the house and actually moving more than just their fingers on their phone.

Little did we expect that a component of this video would feature Mrs. Obama dunking on a mini-hoop being held by LeBron James, as Dwyane Wade and Ray Allen act as if they’ve seen something that nobody ever thought possible.

It’s also a fair representation of the Heat’s recent defense. The FLOTUS was able to walk right down the lane and throw down while Wade and Allen were distracted.

I don’t think she falls into the category of #RSHK, though.

Miami Heat Remember How to Basketball, Win Easy vs Philadelphia

After three consecutive losses to teams with a sub-500 record, the Miami Heat found themselves at a lost for answers and in need of an adrenaline shot.

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Miami Heat: Greg Oden Makes his NBA Return


Even when the Heat lose, they still win.

Let the Washington Wizards and the NBA critics own two days, because the Heat were the team who came up looking victorious in the long run.

With the Heat facing a 30-point deficit halfway through the second quarter, they inserted Greg Oden into the lineup, making it his first regular season action since December 5th, 2009.

Surely enough, his impact was immediately felt. On his first offensive possession, Oden rebounded a Dwyane Wade miss, easily going over the top of Marcin Gortat, and slammed it with authority.

It marked the first time in the ‘Big Three’ era that a Heat player was able to rebound over a center and then slam it home. It’s a dimension the Heat have yet to experience, until now.

Oden was spry in his eight minutes on the floor. He played excellent defense on Gortat, grabbed two rebounds, made a pair of free throws, missed a hook, and had another dunk off a pick-and-roll with LeBron James.

He was a plus-3, the only player off the bench to be in the positive in plus/minus last night.

It’ll be interesting to see what direction the Heat go in if Oden is able to stay healthy. Even with Chris Andersen set to return soon, Oden is still a special talent that could provide in areas that Andersen can’t.

Namely, one-on-one defense against opposing centers and just being a presence. Oden has the body type and the athleticism to go with it to always have an impact on both ends of the floor.


Why this Year’s Miami Heat Team is the Best of the Big Three Era

Wrote this over at Dime Magazine. There’s been a great deal of criticism lately about the Miami Heat and the overall lack of effort they’ve exerted and shown this season.

But what if I told you that it’s on a far better pace than last year when they finished the season with a franchise record 66 wins? That it’s the deepest Miami Heat team yet and that its best players are averaging career-lows in minutes?

Most importantly, at 27-10, that it only has room to grow.