Ray Allen Saves Heat with 25 Points in Win over Houston


Do not take the Lord’s name in vain.

After months of blasphemy as a result of below-average play, Ray Allen has appeared to finally break out of the slump that has led to career-low percentages in his three-point shooting.

Allen boosted his three-point percentage on the season to 38 percent after a 4-of-6 effort from beyond the arc in Miami’s 113-104 win over Houston.

Ray dropped a season-high 25 points, just days after setting his season-high in points with 22 in the loss to Denver.

14 of those 25 came in a fourth quarter where the Heat needed every point. They scored 34 overall in the frame, with 11 points from Ray coming in the final 6:04.

When Houston appeared to be running away with it, following a three-pointer from James Harden that put the Rockets up five with 6:13 left, Allen came back and hit a three of his own to cut the lead back to two.

After Patrick Beverley hit a three to put Houston up four, Ray came back down and hit a technical free throw off a delay-of-game committed by Houston. Dwyane Wade would then hit a jumper to cut Houston’s lead to one.

That Beverley three-pointer, by the way, with 4:26 left was the last field goal of Houston’s night.

Ray would then hit an easy layup off a brilliant LeBron James screen and Dwyane Wade pass to give Miami a one-point lead with 3:31 left. Following a missed three by Jeremy Lin, Allen would, once again, hit a three, after pump-faking Lin out of his shoes, to give Miami a commanding four-point lead with 2:55 remaining.

Ray would go on to score one more point, a free throw off a technical foul on Beverley.

There’s a reason why I’ve refused to slander this season. Because even with the poor showings on both ends of the floor and the below-average numbers, you can still guarantee on Ray coming through when he’s needed most.

He’s now hit 20 of his past 35 three-pointers. He picked quite the time to get going. Now if only Shane Battier will follow suit.


Video: LeBron James Scores 61 points, is Really Good at Basketball


Just when you think you got LeBron James figured out, he goes and pulls something like this off: a 61-point outing against the league’s sixth best defense.

Scoring 25 of those 61 in the third quarter, LeBron finished the night shooting 22-for-33 from the field, 8-for-10 from three, including making his first eight, and 9-for-12 from the foul line.

It’s the highest scoring game of his career, breaking the 56-point mark he scored in a loss against Toronto back in 2005, and it’s the highest scoring game in Heat franchise history, snapping the 56-point mark set by Glen Rice nearly two decades ago.

It’s the fourth time since the 1986-87 season a player has recorded at least 61 points, 7 rebounds and 5 assists in a single game. The other three were Tracy McGrady (62-10-5), Michael Jordan (69-18-6) and David Robinson (71-14-5).

LeBron, however, needed only 41 minutes to record his 61-7-5. Those other three all played at least 44 minutes, with Jordan playing 50 minutes in a game that went into overtime.

LeBron also made only nine free throws and attempted only 12. Jordan, Robinson and McGrady by comparison all took at least 23 free throw attempts.

Also, none of them shot better than 64 percent. LeBron was at 67 percent against the Bobcats. He became one of only four players in NBA history to score at least 60 points on at least 30 shots on better than 60 percent shooting.

None of LeBron’s makes came off a dunk.

In other words, he’s really good. In case you didn’t already know.

LeBron James Gets Nose Broken By Serge Ibaka, Still Dunks on Him


In the same sequence, LeBron James revealed a human side along with the already-known fact that he is a cyborg created in a laboratory by government-sanctioned scientists tasked with creating the perfect basketball player.

It wasn’t until LeBron bled that we realized he was an actual human being. Actually, it was when we saw the blood that stained the Chesapeake Energy Arena was red, rather than the expected luminescent, glowing green, that we realized he was human.

The inhuman, man-beast part, however, occurred prior to LeBron selling an injury that was not even declared a foul, despite getting fouled by Ibaka at least twice on the drive.

No, it was LeBron capable of absorbing a rake across from the face from the 6-10, 245-pound shot-blocker, taking two more steps, and then dunking over the same defender who just broke his nose a few seconds before.

That was the part where we seriously considered if LeBron is either from another planet and goes around eating galaxies for nourishment or was constructed out of titanium and is capable of throwing tanks like the Hulk.

Oh, and he also went for 33 points, making it the fourth consecutive game with at least 33 points, on 22 shots in only 33 minutes. The broken nose forced him to leave the game with 5:50 left, preventing the opportunity of back-to-back 40-point games.

Michelle Obama Dunks on the Heat. No, Really.


It looks like the Miami Heat did more than hang out with the leader of the free world on their recent visit to the White House.

They also participated in a Michelle Obama’s ‘Let’s move’ campaign, designed to get kids out of the house and actually moving more than just their fingers on their phone.

Little did we expect that a component of this video would feature Mrs. Obama dunking on a mini-hoop being held by LeBron James, as Dwyane Wade and Ray Allen act as if they’ve seen something that nobody ever thought possible.

It’s also a fair representation of the Heat’s recent defense. The FLOTUS was able to walk right down the lane and throw down while Wade and Allen were distracted.

I don’t think she falls into the category of #RSHK, though.

Miami Heat: Greg Oden Makes his NBA Return


Even when the Heat lose, they still win.

Let the Washington Wizards and the NBA critics own two days, because the Heat were the team who came up looking victorious in the long run.

With the Heat facing a 30-point deficit halfway through the second quarter, they inserted Greg Oden into the lineup, making it his first regular season action since December 5th, 2009.

Surely enough, his impact was immediately felt. On his first offensive possession, Oden rebounded a Dwyane Wade miss, easily going over the top of Marcin Gortat, and slammed it with authority.

It marked the first time in the ‘Big Three’ era that a Heat player was able to rebound over a center and then slam it home. It’s a dimension the Heat have yet to experience, until now.

Oden was spry in his eight minutes on the floor. He played excellent defense on Gortat, grabbed two rebounds, made a pair of free throws, missed a hook, and had another dunk off a pick-and-roll with LeBron James.

He was a plus-3, the only player off the bench to be in the positive in plus/minus last night.

It’ll be interesting to see what direction the Heat go in if Oden is able to stay healthy. Even with Chris Andersen set to return soon, Oden is still a special talent that could provide in areas that Andersen can’t.

Namely, one-on-one defense against opposing centers and just being a presence. Oden has the body type and the athleticism to go with it to always have an impact on both ends of the floor.

Michael Beasley Hits the Dagger Jumper against Denver


They don’t call him Supercool for nothing.

In a wire-to-wire contest with the Denver Nuggets that featured Miami recovering from a nine-point deficit to eventually take home a 97-94 win, and a 3-1 record on the West Coast road trip, the Heat were left in a difficult position up one with less than a minute to play.

With the ball in LeBron James’ hands, the Nuggets committed the same mistake they had made many times before when playing the Heat: Doubling on LeBron and leaving one of Miami’s many shooters open.

Unlike last year in Miami when it was Ray Allen hitting the big three or in Denver when it was Norris Cole, it was Michael Beasley this time around hitting the shot that put the game on ice.

James, once again, attracts a double-team and passes out to a wide-open Beasley at the top of the perimeter. Despite having not taken a three-pointer that night and having been quiet in the second half, Beasley rose up and knocked down the shot to give Miami a four-point lead.

The shot gave Beasley nine points on 4-of-6 shooting, while James’ assist gave him ten for the night on a night where he also scored 26 points.

Chris Bosh Hits Game-Winning Three Against Portland


With LeBron James sitting out, it was believed that it would put a damper on the anticipated clash between the Miami Heat and the Portland Trail Blazers, the hottest team in the NBA tied for the league’s best record.

It was up to the Heat’s ‘Big Two’ plus the supporting cast to lead the way. While Dwyane Wade struggled with his shot, needing 19 shots to score 16 points, Chris Bosh assumed the role of the Heat’s absurdly efficient star, finishing with 37 points on 15-of-26 shooting and 10 rebounds.

He also hit 3-of-3 from beyond the arc, with each three coming in the final four minutes, but none bigger than the final one.

Down by two and with only seven seconds left to get a shot up, Wade drove in and attracted the defense of Robin Lopez and LaMarcus Aldridge to the rim, where he then kicked it out after seeing they were completely committed to him.

The pass went to a wide-open Bosh, who stood a good two feet beyond the three-point line, ignored the closeouts of Mo Williams and Damian Lillard, and dropped a bomb that scraped the rafters to give the Heat a 108-107 lead with .5 left.

LaMarcus Aldridge’s alley-oop attempt at the buzzer came up long. Aldridge, who has been recently argued as the league’s best power forward over guys like Bosh, finished with 22 points on 9-of-20 shooting to go with seven rebounds and four assists.

Aldridge and Lopez were eaten alive by Bosh last night on mid-range jumpers and drives to the cup all night, and finished the night being fooled by Wade and keeping all hopes of a strong defensive effort on Bosh on the final play nonexistent.