Miami Heat: Five Best Games of Dwyane Wade’s Career

It’s the dog days of the NBA offseason, and I’m feeling nostalgic.

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Miami Heat: Allen Iverson Predicts LeBron James Hate


In my seemingly infinite time of browsing the interwebs, I stumbled across a fairly popular video of an interview between Allen Iverson and Stephen A. Smith on Smith’s short-lived ESPN show.

A user uploaded the video with a specific portion where Smith asked Iverson about his takes on then-young guys such as LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony and Dwyane Wade.

Iverson provided the media with memorable quotes throughout his career, but he tops himself this time by seemingly predicting the hate and disdain LeBron James would receive once he made a move that wasn’t ideal in the public’s eye.

A few years later, LeBron would leave Cleveland for Miami and would be jeered in every venue he played in. This, after spending seven years as the NBA’s golden child and heir apparent with the Cavaliers.

To this day he is still being harassed by opposing fans.

Pat Riley Gets his Man Again, Miami Heat Sign Greg Oden

Four years. Four targets. Four successes.

After weeks worth of waiting, and months worth of courting in the Miami Heat’s case, former number one pick Greg Oden has decided to sign with the Heat. The decision comes after Oden had worked out for several teams, including last year’s NBA Finals runner-up, San Antonio.

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Miami Heat: Are Mike Miller and Joel Anthony Safe from Amnesty?

In the days leading up to the week that allowed teams to waive their players by way of the amnesty clause, it was debated in circles outside of the Miami Heat organization whether or not Mike Miller or Joel Anthony would be a recipient of their walking papers.

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Greg Oden and Miami Heat Have Mutual Interest

Let the recruiting begin.

Before the champagne dried, the Miami Heat have already received inquiries from free agents who potentially want to join the squad for another championship run in 2013-’14.

Samuel Dalembert and Chauncey Billups have both admitted to having interest in the Heat. However, with a roster chock full of veterans who are nearing their final years, the Heat could be on the lookout for a player who would have some redeeming qualities in terms of youth.

Look no further than the oft-injured Greg Oden.

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NBA Finals: LeBron James, Ray Allen Save Season, Push Series to Game 7

Now THAT was the Miami Heat that won 27 consecutive games.

It wasn’t the dominating team that so many people replace with the team that won 27 straight. They tend to forget that many of the wins during that streak came by way of the Heat getting pushed to the brink of disaster (whether it was their one-point win over the Orlando Magic or the 27-point comeback against Cleveland) and somehow miraculously pulling out a win.

The Heat last night, turning a 94-89 deficit with 28 seconds remaining into a game that would be sent into overtime, were everything like that team. Heart-stopping, sweat and tear-inducing basketball that ends up turning a sure Heat loss into one of the most improbable victories you’ll ever end up seeing.

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NBA Finals: San Antonio’s High Percentages Suggest Miami Heat in 6

If I told Gregg Popovich that Tony Parker would have a game-winner, two 20-point games from Tim Duncan, unconscious shooting performances from Danny Green and Gary Neal for three consecutive games, and not one member of the Miami Heat’s ‘Big Three’ would score 20 points until Game 4, it’s safe to say that the permanent scowl etched on his face would still be there and he’d probably tell me to get off his lawn.

But he would be satisfied with it, deep down in the black crevices of his once beating heart.

But would he be satisfied with all of those circumstances working in San Antonio’s favor if it only meant a tied series through four games? Would he be pleased with a 2-2 result knowing that his Spurs have shot 50 percent or better from beyond the arc in three consecutive games?

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