Miami Heat’s Shooting Struggles Could be Blessing for Playoffs

After shooting less than 32 percent from three in a one-point loss to Indiana, the Miami Heat made it a fifth consecutive game of shooting 35 percent or worse.

Make it seven of their last nine games of sub-35 percent shooting from three, and there’s only so many games remaining in the regular season to find a rhythm.

Criticism has mostly been been focused more on the Miami Heat’s perimeter defense, but their offense, also along the three-point line, has struggled significantly compared to year’s past.

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LeBron James, Miami Heat Playing Without Championship Identity

It’s nights like last night’s loss to New Orleans (the losses to Denver, Brooklyn, or Boston can be used in this scenario, too) that make you wonder just how content LeBron James and the Miami Heat are with losing these types of games.

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Miami Heat: Is Losing Streak Significant or Result of Apathy?

Miami Heat basketball is supposed to be earth-shattering, gravity-defying fun. The past week has consisted of neither of those traits the Heat have become synonymous with, explaining why the team has lost five of its past six games, four of those losses coming by seven points or less.

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LeBron James Does LeBron James Things, Heat Beat Warriors at Last Second


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Miami Heat Put on a Clinic, Defeat Lakers Behind Chris Bosh’s 31

Not even the droning of TNT’s finest could upset a member of Heat nation with the way Miami was attempting to return to their defensive roots.

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Why this Year’s Miami Heat Team is the Best of the Big Three Era

Wrote this over at Dime Magazine. There’s been a great deal of criticism lately about the Miami Heat and the overall lack of effort they’ve exerted and shown this season.

But what if I told you that it’s on a far better pace than last year when they finished the season with a franchise record 66 wins? That it’s the deepest Miami Heat team yet and that its best players are averaging career-lows in minutes?

Most importantly, at 27-10, that it only has room to grow.

Chris Bosh Immaculate From Field, Heat Win Big Over Orlando

On a night where LeBron James dealt with a rare off night, the Miami Heat showcased why they’re one of the deepest and most efficient teams in the league.

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