LeBron James’ Top 15 Dunks as a Member of the Miami Heat

Despite only playing with the Miami Heat for three years, it was extremely difficult to narrow down LeBron’s best dunks as a member of the Heat to only 15. It’s just what tends to happen when you have the power and strength of Karl Malone, the speed and agility of Tim Hardaway and the hangtime of Julius Erving.

What do you get from that mixture? A perfect storm of rim-rattling, dunk-defying and altitude-achieving throwdowns that shake the heavens and the earth themselves. Dunks put down with such ferocity that Satan is banging on the ceiling of Hell with a broom telling LeBron to keep it down up there.

Next time you’re at the American Airlines Arena, make sure to take notice of the divots left in the ceiling by LeBron’s knuckles.

Since we’re all going through basketball withdrawals, a few of LeBron’s dunks will suffice until we start adding new videos to the King’s resume next season.

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LeBron James Scores 37, leads Miami Heat Late against Boston for 23rd Straight Win

The dam was bursting at the seams, yet never gave.

Not when Jeff Green finished with the game of his career. Not when the Boston Celtics hit ten three-pointers. Not even when they finished shooting 54 percent.

Even though the Celtics had amassed as much of a 17-point advantage, it still wasn’t enough to derail the Miami Heat for earning their 23rd consecutive victory via one of the greatest games this year in the NBA.

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