Miami Heat: Officials Aren’t All To Blame for Loss to Indiana

I am not the type to put all my blames and troubles on the already-burdened shoulders of the officials.

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LeBron James Isn’t the Lifeless Commodity Some Make Him Out to Be

I wonder if LeBron James became more motivated to play with the Los Angeles Clippers after overcoming their 42 free throws and 21 offensive rebounds in the Miami Heat’s 116-112 road win Wednesday night.

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Miami Heat: Five Free Agents to Look into During the 2014 Offseason

This piece regarding 2014 free agents is a little ambitious to say the least.

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Interview: The Miami Heat Bench Key to Championship Success

Good afternoon everyone,

I was recently credentialed by Dime Magazine to cover the Miami Heat over the past weekend’s worth of games. During my time speaking with the likes of Coach Spoelstra, Norris Cole and Mario Chalmers, I uncovered the keys as to why the Heat bench has been so productive this season, especially in comparison to previous seasons. 

The bench has deserved its just due for what the services it has performed over the past three years, yet always seems to get muddled in the conversation because of the influence of guys like LeBron James and Dwyane Wade.

Consider this piece as an appreciation to the lesser-known, oft-ignored members of the bench that have been, surprisingly, outplaying the starters this season. 


Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Miami’s Slow Defensive Start


Wrote this for The Miami Heat are once again struggling out the gate in terms of their defense, ranking in the bottom half of the league in terms of defensive efficiency. I wrote about why there’s nothing to worry about and why the defense will come when the effort is needed. 

Miami Heat Begin Their Quest for a Threepeat with 48 Minutes of Hell

Hardly three years ago, the Miami Heat were being told to break up the band.

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Miami Heat Weekly Recap: Spo Extension, Juwan Coaching, Roger Mason Signed

The Miami Heat have been at their busiest of the offseason this past week as they finalize the final training camp roster and make refined changes to the coaching staff.

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