LeBron James Crowns the Bucks with a Pair of Insane Dunks

You know, I was just thinking about how long it’s been since we were treated with the full LeBron James experience.

Not since his dunk over Paul Millsap have we seen LeBron put someone on his highlight reel this convincingly. Nearing the end of the first quarter in the Miami Heat’s win over the Milwaukee Bucks, Ekpe Udoh made one of the greatest mistakes of his NBA career.

With LeBron given an open lane, because only the Bucks would give him an open lane, he took full advantage, driving and lifting off near the dotted-line. Udoh, meanwhile, thought it would be wise to get in the middle of this, despite having been on the other end of a LeBron dunk already.

James went through Udoh like he was an apparition, and threw down arguably his best dunk of the year.

At least his best dunk of the year at the moment, because, a quarter later, he’d top himself with a slam that would have won the past five dunk contests.

Once again, the Milwaukee Bucks, who rank 29th in defensive efficiency, gave LeBron James a wide-open lane. This time around, however, the Bucks knew better, and allowed LeBron to do what he pleased.

No wonder the rest of the league’s fanbases despise Miami’s. Heat fans get the LeBron dunk contest that every fan of the game has been asking for since 2003. #blessed.