Miami Heat: Watch All of LeBron James’ Dunks from the 2012-13 Season

I’ve heard people say that LeBron James does the same dunk every time.

I call those people idiots. James had 144 regular season dunks, fifth in the league behind power forwards/centers in Dwight Howard, Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan and JaVale McGee, and definitively led all postseason players in dunks with 28, nine more than second-place Tyson Chandler.

Each dunk he had was more thunderous than the last and the next. He embarrassed opponents and entire teams, scraped his knuckles on the ceiling of the stadium he was playing at on high-flying alley-oops and scared opposing shot-blockers to the point of letting him get his dunk without resistance in the half-court.

Imagine if teams didn’t realize the only way to stop a LeBron dunk was to brutalize and beat him up 50 feet away from the basket, a tactic annoyingly used by the Chicago Bulls.

Nevertheless, LeBron still got his, as he usually does at every aspect of the game. The four-time MVP continues to find ways to stun, shock and scintillate the masses that watch in awe of the infinite and special greatness that is bestowed upon them on a nightly basis.

I highly advise watching this video with headphones, good ones to be specific, because you want to hear the roar that emits from the crowd, home or road, when LeBron rises up to throw down.

That boy is good!


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